Brand Colors

The colors of your advertising media, logo and business cards.


Content Management System, enable business owners to manage their website without the assistance of a developer!


Joomla! is called a content manegement system because people with no technical background can easily edit HTML, upload images and do other edite to their website without assistance.

Wordpress, good for Blogs and One Page (Pageless Sites)

Joomla! is designed for corporate site with scalability. Grow as your business grows with ease!

Open Source, the code is free to use. You just pay for the customizations.


Keep It Simple Silly Philosophy: is the concept that by sticking to basic principles you simplify your life and avoid complex situation that result in errors, conflicts and cancellations. Don't Multi-task, set two time where you check your emails, and don't work on weekends! KISS yeah!


Offsite optimization refers to building your social network. Creating social profile and connecting to potential leads. With over 20 years experience, Webtradenow can efficiently broaden your brand awareness.


Onsite SEO refers to preparing your website for proper indexation into search engines results. Webtradenow incorporates all web standards, ensuring quick indexation and better ranking.

Areas optimized:

  • Meta tags check all pages
  • Content layout and keyword density
  • Image file names optimization
  • Optimized images, for fast loading
  • Page speed maximizing

Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to the investor as a result of an investment into a resource. For every marketing dollora you spend there should be a clear return on every doller spent.


(Search engine optimization) is a cost effective and by far the one of the most profitable methods of promoting your website!

Types of optimizations:

  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Social Media
  • Paid or PPC

Ref Google™ Algorithm History Changes


Social media optimization, refers to solely creating and maintaining your social media profiles. See:


A search engine results page (SERP) is the posting of results returned by a search engine because of a keyword search. The outcomes ordinarily incorporate a rundown of things with titles, a reference to the full form, and a short description.

shopping cart

A shopping cart system allows you to sell you product online and accept a credit card payment on checkout.

Template Style

A template is a style that is highly editable to suite your need, as well as your brand. We fully customize the template to your specification and brand. View template demos: Joomla51


What You See is What You Get. A web based text editor that enables non technical individuals to edit code, and do variouse other tasks. Text editor like Word Office, insert images, upload videos etc. Low Learning Curve

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