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Wikileaks leaks TPP deal on Prescriptions and Copyrights! Wikileaks Releases TPP Treaty on Intellectual Property and Generic Law, and folks like Martin Shkreli would be very pleased with this "Trade Agreement"" Visit the site to read more.


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Capturing Your Web Visitors Eyes:

webtrade content 2012 23 00 23The most important aspect of any website is the layout! Capturing your visitors eye quickly and converting them into paying customers. A daunting task indeed. There is rhythm to how people look at websites thought, so it's important to put your most important information in those (hot spot) areas. The way a person looks at a website is brief and if the site fails to capture and captivate the viewers attention in the critical first seconds upon visiting, a sale may be lost.

Sliding Banners:

Dentist Classifieds Banner Example

Effectiveness of Anmated Banners100%

See the Animated banner at

Sliding banner are popular, because they are an effective alternative to limited Flash. They are located at the top of the website, and they are capable of containing allot of information.

Minimalist Content and Graphics

Say the most with the least. A sure sign of an amateur graphic or web developer is over doing it. Too much content can distract from the sales pitch. So keep it short and sweet and you visitors will respect you!


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Joomla! Security! Update,Backup and Repeat!

v. hacked, hack·ing, hacks: To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization.

For business owners who have websites we always recommend that either you employ a reputable web development company to maintain your website security (keep everything updated on your cms site, for example) or keep up on all the security patches that are released for your software.

Update your software regularly!

Recommended Joomla! Backup: Akeeba Backup (FREE)

Because all software is buggy, (some more than others) as people use the software or cms, bugs and security flaws are found. Subsequently, a patch is released to let say plug the hole so that a hacker who can easily read about the security flaw won't try to hack into your site.

Be vigilant and you won't find yourself scrambling to recover years of lost work! Don't forget to back up your website weekly, or when a major update has been made!

Joomla! Security Checklist

SEF urls setting in Joomla

Hackers on the rise in 2016 and for the foreseeable future!


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Webtradenow's affordable web development means making responsive professional sites for small businesses and experts on a tight budget. Webtradenow is committed to that objective. Considering we are a small business ourselves. We understand the need to deliver a clean, proficient image of your brand while staying inside of a tight spending plan.

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Take a look at our web design portfolio. gather your ideas of what kind of site you would like to have. Study your competitors, what do you like and don't like? Here are some points to think about:

  • The look of the site, Template Style
  • Your Brand Colors
  • Functionality, what do you what your site to do?
  • Number of pages needed: Index, services, about and contact are the most common.

? Maybe you've seen a web plan somewhere else that you appreciate. Incredible! We will have an examination with you to figure out what your needs and inclinations are for your web outline. Seeing something you like as an illustration helps us to comprehend your inclinations. We include your logo, content and our dynamic outline to make an interesting vicinity for your business!

2. Set Up You're Content. You should make a Word archive or content document that contains the content for every page of the site. Above all, the content ought to be last, spell-checked and prepared to be added to the web plan we make.

3. Convinced? Let's Make It Happen!

By now you should be thoroughly convinced of our expertise and background. And if you are not, then we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need. We are always here to assist you and welcome the opportunity to help in any way!

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Incidentally, you possess your site upon consummation. Unless already assigned (progressing S.E.O, Online networking Showcasing, Facilitating, and so forth.), there are no extra month to month charges like some shady organizations that oblige you to pay a month to month expense. You have full responsibility for site records. You can alter the site and grow it whenever at your attentiveness.

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